The Best time to visit different parts of Ethiopia:- For Historical place north, Danakil depression and East to Harar from September to March , March – May North and west Gambella,June to August South Omo valley and Bale mountain, as you see depends on your interest and time  you can be at the right place at the right time.

Some of Our special Itineraries

Historic route combine with Danakil and harar optional extension to Djibouti, Historic route with Gambella National Park.

Faith Based Tour– This tour is lead by history and theology professional tour leaders.

Adventure Tours: – Trekking in the Semein Mountain, Bale Mountain, Biking

Culture and Nature Tour: Bale Mountain and Omo Valley


Coffee and Wine Tour:  Ethiopian Rift valley, Sidamo and Kaffa mountain


Wilde Life safari :The seven unique (endemic) wild animals and Bird watching tours