Ethiopia appeal lies in her endless variety from the biggest Afro Alpine the fourth highest peaks in Africa to one of the world lowest place Danakil valley Active volcano and Danakil Desert 120 meters below sea level from the million years’ archaeological site to 3000 years’ history ancient historical places. Where you explore and experience History of the Jews, Arabs, indigenous African people and their historical footprints and present unique culture. From the land of unique wild Animals to the second wild life migration in Africa. No other African country can boast such a diversity of history, habitat, wildlife & authentic cultures.

WE Look forward to sharing our home with You

Designing tour and Safari is an art, one that we have spent many years perfecting. The success of each is dependent on understanding and consistently surpassing your needs and expectations. We bring our many years’ experience and a deep love of our country Ethiopia to each safari and tour to ensure your holyday always remember a life time experience.
We specialise in planning Safaris for groups of family and friends, people who know each other allow for the most enjoyable safaris. We do undertake custom safari arrangements for just one or two people travelling together but find this can become cost prohibitive to use private guides, canvas, vehicles, houses and planes. If there are just two of you wishing to travel we work with you to plan the best activities to suit your desire for comfort, adventure and discovery. Much depends on your appetite for activity or adrenaline and make up of your group. Your Itinerary can be designed to include spectacular walks, horse riding, visiting authentic cultural villages, boat trip to mention a few, you may wish to go extra steps we organize private planes and helicopters to allow us to move quickly b/n reserves and wilderness areas – ensuring you make the most of every single hour on safari.

Of course the planning and managing of such a safari takes a dedicated team of professionals. The Daniel and Frey Tours team is uniquely involved in every part of your Safari. In addition, decisions made each day can shape the course of the whole trip, preserving that spontaneity, and having the right team to make it happen, is a vital part of what we do

Our Guides and Tour Leaders

Our staffs and local partners are passionate and knowledgeable they work very hard with joy to make you feel all the time to be comfortable. They know the history, culture, the wildlife, the season, where to camp, where the game is like to be; they understand outfitting a safari, how to approach the local people, visit the village wand organize a special encounter with people without affecting the local tradition. So that you will have the best experience, equipment and food.
Above all they are delightful companions!