For special trips in Ethiopia and Neighbouring Country Djibouti and Somaliland you are at the right site. The secrete of a great tour and safari begins with careful and highly personalised planning by people who are devoted to this way of life. It should be authentic, immersive and fun, for only then can it produce memories that will last a life time.

We firmly believe that at the centre of every great tour and safari is the relationship b/n the guests and the person leading their safari. This is the fundamental part of our philosophy which is why each safari is planned and manged by Daniel and Frey Tours partners.

Daniel and Frey Tours for people with passion for authentic culture, unique wildlife, adventure, special expeditions, publishing books or documentary film on Ethiopian history and heritages, photographing, helicopter safari or moving with migration in Gambela national park in a private tented camp – If these are your dreams we can turn them in to reality. We are not just take you to the places we help you to experience it.

In to Ethiopia

Ethiopia appeal lies in her endless variety from the biggest Afro Alpine the fourth highest peaks in Africa to one of the world lowest place Danakil valley Active volcano and Danakil Desert 120 meters below sea level from the million years’ archaeological site to 3000 years’ history ancient historical places. Where you explore and experience History of the Jews, Arabs, indigenous African people and their historical footprints and present uniqueculture. From the land of unique wild Animals to the second wild life migration in Africa. No other African country can boast such a diversity of history, habitat, wildlife & authentic cultures.

WE Look forward to sharing our home with You