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As a mature traveller I was particularly impressed by Daniels's concern that I experience his beloved Ethiopia to the fullest.

Daniel’s enthusiastic encouragement & gentle assistance assured that I did just that from climbing a little further to view the most spectacular panoramas to pacing myself sensibly at the various cultural sites.

I've toured extensively & have met excellent guides in many countries; Daniel certainly ranks among the best.

Rosemary Dirmeik


My recent trip to Ethiopia was one of the highlights of all the trips that I have done, not only because of a versatile, historically rich country, but because of our special guide and friend, Danny.

DAniel is the kind of person that particularly focused on the small intimate needs of all of us. It was like he “read” us all and decided how to handle each individual.

No request was ever too big for Daniel to handle and he always went out of his way to accommodate each one’s needs.

Daniel became a very close friend to all of us and whom we trusted with any decision making.

Daniel is indeed a very special person with a vast amount of knowledge which he eagerly shares with you. He is really the best!!!!!

Lynette Pruneau


"Daniel Tesfaye is a terrific Tour Leader, one of the best I have ever had. He is also a remarkable human being. It was a privilege and an honor to have met Daniel. I admired his encyclopedic knowledge of everything Ethiopian, his ability to lead the group with ease and confidence, his no-nonsense approach to quickly and effectively resolve unexpected problems, and his good sense of humor. Daniel is a born teacher and an excellent communicator; his never-ending enthusiasm is contagious. Everyone in our group seemed to be pleased with him.

A Tour Leader can make or break a trip. Thanks to Daniel Tesfaye, this well planned 23-day excursion to Ethiopia was utterly successful. At this juncture I think there is no need to engage another person to lead future trips to Ethiopia. Daniel is perfect for the job. I only wish my future excursions are led by individuals half as good as Daniel."



Daniel has a captivating smile!

Daniel has the ability to interact with locals and make me, as a traveler, feel welcome with people that have never met me before.

Daniel listened to me. When I told Daniel I wanted to take photos, Daniel arranged for me to move among the people of the Omo Valley without problems!

Daniel has a deep knowledge of Ethiopia and their customs.

We could stop on the side of a road and walk through a village with Daniel, without problems!

When I return to Ethiopia, I will contact Daniel.

Philip Kidd

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