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Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana and rock churches of Ethiopia
Art and Music Tour
Visit Bale the biggest afro alpine vegetation in Africa
Culture and Trek
Danakil Depression
Eastern part of Ethiopia and Djibouti
North and South Itenerary
Omo national park, Surma and Buma Tribes
Tigray Rock Churches and Dalol Depression
Touching Ethiopia

Tribes of Omo valley, Mursi, Body, Hammer, karo, Dasanech Elbore and Kaonso

Visit the Simen Mountains

Touching Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land of contrast and diversity, famous for the mountains, Lake Tana, Rock Churches, and traditional tribes in the Omo Valley. to visit Ethiopia in one trip is impossible, even for the high light of the sites it needs at least 3 weeks, it is a huge country with a lot to see., but always it is not possible for visitors to give many days for their holyday because of their job is not allow them, because of that we design this Itinerary to visit the highlight part of the country with in short period of time.


Day 1 Addis Ababa

On arrival special reception at VIP Lounge and transfer to Sheraton Luxury Collection, check in. After Check in; sightseeing of Addis Ababa. It includes driving on main avenues; see historical monuments, AU Hall and Late Emperor Hale Sellassie Palace (Presidential Palace). Sun set drink at the hotel garden O/n Sheraton Hotel.

Day 2 Bahar Dar
After a nice breakfast at Sheraton hotel transfer to airport for your 1 hour charter flight from Addis Ababa to Bahar Dar a town on the sure of Lake Tana, On arrival meet by your guide and transfer to the harbor for your charter boat . Boat Ride over Lake Tana visit 14th c Kebran Gabreal monastery, Ura Kidane MIhret church and Monastery and Daga Estifanos Monastery see the blue nile river when it is late out from the lake, Lunch on boat. O/n: Kuriftu Tana, Resort Hotel.

Day 3 Transfer from Kuriftu Tana Resort Hotel to airport for your 30 minits flight from Bahar Dar to Gondar, on arrival meet by your drivers and 4WD cars drive to The castles of Gondar and Debere Berhan Selasssie Church then to Semein mountain through a beautiful landscape . Check in and lunch in Semein Mountain Lodge. O/n Semein Mountain Lodge.

Day 4 Drive farther up in to Semein mountains national park for more extraordinary view, to see the endamice animal Walia Ibex and Chilada baboon. short walk over a breath taking top of escarpment, picinic lunch. O/n The same Lodge.

Day 5 Drive from Semein mountains Lodge to Gondar for your Charter flight from Godar to Lalibela, on arrival meet by your driver and transfer to Lalibela town, lunch at the hotel after lunch sightseeing of Lalibela rock churches. O/n Mount View Hotel.

Day 6 This the day we start to fly the southern part of Ethiopia, Southern part of Ethiopia is totally different from the north. It is like two countries at ones. this morning after a nice breakfast at mount view hotel transfer to airport for your charter flight from Lalibela to Arbaminch town on arrival meet by your for well drive and drive to lake Chamo to see big hippos and Crocodiles with sunset. O/n Arbaminch Paradise Lodge.

Day 7 Drive from Arbaminch to Jinka down to the omo valley, through Konso land and village which is recognized by UNSECO as world heritage site. O/n Omo Eco Lodge.

Day 8 Excursion to Mursi village, one of the highlights of the tour known by lip plate jewelry. O/n Omo Eco Lodge.

Day 9 Drive from Jinka to Turmi, on the way visit the Bena and hammer village, this tribe is famous for bull jumping festival which is arrange for young boys to be a man ( age pass) ceremony. Visit the village, if there is the bulls jumping attend the festival. O/n Murulle Lodge along the mo river near to the karo village.

The Karo tribe is famous for body painting and moon dance adopt from the different wild animals, like Baboon, Wild dog and Giraffe dance. Tonight we see the dance. O/n Murielle Lodge.

Day 10 after morning visit the Karo tribe at Korcho village, by your charter plane fly back to Addis Ababa. Check in to Sheraton Hotel, after day use room transfer to Airport for your flight back to home or one more night in Addis Ababa
The end of the tour.

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