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Omo National Park, Surma and Buma Tribes

Omo national Park it is the biggest and remotest park in Ethiopia, bordering Kenya and Sudan, west of Omo River and surrounded by very interesting tribes still kept their unique culture intact. On this tour we include Surma and rarely visited Bume, we take you to the remote village and give you a chance to have a special encounter with the Bume tribe. We also take you to this part of the country at the harvest season when the tribes are practicing annual celebration and rituals like Donga (Stick fighting). Omo National Park is still full of Wild Animals; we can show you African Elephant, Abyssinian Lion, Buffalos, Giraffes, thousands of Topy’s and the wild dog which is very rare to see in other part of Africa.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival at Addis Ababa

Day 2 Drive from Addis Ababa to Jimma. This drive takes you west of Addis Ababa, visiting en route the Oromo and the Gurage villages, crossing the upper course of Omo River called Gibe River Gorge. O/n Jimma Central Hotel.

Day 3 Drive from Jimma to Mizan Tafari. Off we drive over Keffa mountain where the first coffee bean was found, on the way we visit the villages of Keffecho and Bench that belong to the tribes of the Omotics. We will have a walk on the way through natural forest. O/n Mizan Teferi guest house.

Day 4 Drive to Kibish. Today we begin a real part of the tour while driving from Mizan Teferi to Kibish, the center of the Surma tribes, on the way we start to visit the Surma with their cattle. O/n camping along the Kibish river close to the Surma village.

Day 5 Kibish. We walk and spend the day in the Surma village. If there is a special event we go to witness that event. O/n Kibish Camping

Day 6 Kibish. We shall again spend our day in the Surma land; we leave early in the morning to see when they are milking their cows. We look for Donga places and we go there to see Donga or another special event. It is full of happening during harvest time from June to July. We also take tourists there during this specific season. O/n Kibish camping

Day 7 We drive from Kibish to the Bume land. The Bume tribe is more movable and nomadic than the Surma, depending on the location of the village and accessibility of the water we fix our camping place. We stay with them, we will ask and answer for their questions, our guides know how to approach them and bring you closer to the tribes, and they will seek special encounters for you. You should follow their advice. O/n Bush Camping.

Day 8 If the group likes the place we stayed the other night, we will add two more nights here. If not, we continue driving to other village. O/n Bush Camping.

Day 9 This is going to be the last night in Bume land. O/n Bush Camping.

Day 10 Omo National Park. A.M Today we drive to Omo National Park, P.M. We will have safari drive through the park to see - African Elephant, Abyssinian Lion, Buffalos, Giraffes and more. O/n At Fixed camping Facility in the Omo national Park. It has very nice room with shower.

Day 11 Omo National Park. Morning Safari back to camp, take rest and evening safari. O/n The same place

Day 12 Maji Mountain. Drive from Omo National Park to Maji though a spectacular landscape O/n Camping

Day 13 Drive from Maji to Mizan Teferi. O/n Mizan Teferi Guest House

Day 14 Drive from Mizan Teferi to Jimma. O/n Central Jimma Hotel

Day 15 Drive from Jimma to Addis Ababa for night departure.

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