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Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana and rock churches of Ethiopia
Art and Music Tour
Visit Bale the biggest afro alpine vegetation in Africa
Culture and Trek
Danakil Depression
Eastern part of Ethiopia and Djibouti
North and South Itenerary
Omo national park, Surma and Buma Tribes
Tigray Rock Churches and Dalol Depression
Touching Ethiopia

Tribes of Omo valley, Mursi, Body, Hammer, karo, Dasanech Elbore and Kaonso

Visit the Simen Mountains

North and South Itinerary

North and South Ethiopia, north by bus and south by 4WD Cars Northern and southern part of the country are like two countries in one tour. North is main attractions are the landscape, history of Christianity, historical and archeological sites. The southern parts is for nature, wildlife, mosaic and untouched part of the culture.

This trip is design to a travelers want to spend 1 month or more than that in a country
In this tour we include 4 UNECO sights, Lalibela and Tigray monolithic and semi monolithic rock churches, hiking in semein mountain, Tana Lake, Axum, colorful weekly market days, visiting villages, omo valley and rift valley lakes.

The clients they can arrive earlier from departure dates, we will facilitate their booking and airport transfer, this tour it is always combine with the weekly market day the official tour start on Friday arrivals.

The day to day Itinerary

Day 1 Friday arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 2 Saturday Drive from Addis Ababa to Ankober menelik II palace hotel, on the way visits the rural villages. Ankober is once the center of government just before Addis Ababa was found in 1880; beside its historical significance it is located on a spectacular spot to see the Great Rift Valley.

Day 3 Sunday from Drive from Ankober to Kombolcha the highlight of the day is senbate weekly market. Kombolcha Tekele Hotel.

Day 4 Monday excursion tour to Bati market and hadar archeological site, Bati market is the most colorful market in Ethiopia, where the different groups of people are meeting, the highlanders and the lowlanders will meet, the afar, Oromo and the amhara people and hadar where Lucy was found O/n The Same Hotel.

Day 5 Tuesday Drive from Kombolcha to Lalibela through a spectacular landscape. on the way 13th c Estifanos monastery at the peninsula of Lake Haique O/n Mount View Hotel.

Day 6 Wednesday full day visits the famous rock churches of Lalibela, Optional trekking to Mount Ashetene to visit Ashetene monastery.

Day 7 Thursday Drive from Lalibela to Geraalta Eco Lodge through sekota visiting amhara and Tigre villages and Abraha Asbaha rock churches. O/N Geraalta Eco Lodge very well integrated with the local village and located on a spectacular landscape.

Day 8 Friday visit Mariam korkur and Degum Selassie , optional Abuna Yamata beautiful tigray rock churches. O/n the same place

Day 9 Saturday Drive from Geraalta to Axum on the way Dabara Damo monastery from the 5th c A.D and Yeha temple 800 B.C. O/n Africa Hotel.

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Day 10 Sunday Morning visit St. Mary church with Sunday morning church service, 1st c A.D Axum Stele Park and museum in the afternoon 4th c A.D Ezana inscription, 5th c A.D Tombs of Caleb and G/Meskel. Optional Abuna pentelion monastery from the 5c A.D two hours walks for both ways famous for treasury house for old manuscripts.

Day 11 Monday Drive from Axum to semein mountain National park through the most spectacular road in Africa. O/n in Semein Lodge/optional camping

Day 12 Tuesday full day excursion inside the semein mountain national park, see endemic animals like Walia Ibex, Chilada baboon with hiking and driving. O/n Semein Lodge/ Optional Camping.

Day 13 Wednesday Drive from Semein mountain national park to Gondar. P.M visit 1632 the Ruin Castel of King Fasiledes and Mount light trinity church famous for paintings of angels on the celling of the church. O/n Dechateau Lodge/ Goha Hotel.

Day 14 Thursday Drive from Gondar to the northern sure of lake Tana to cross the lake by boat, before boarding in to the boat at gorgora visit Dabrasina Mariam church famous for painting then continue the boat ride to bahar dar on the way visit monasteries and churches since from the 14th century famous for old treasuries from the church and royal families like manuscripts, icons, ceremonial dresses. O/n Kuriftu Tana Hotel

Day 15 Friday In the morning drive to Tis isat village walk for 30 minutes crosses Blue Nile River by boat see the Blue Nile waterfall. Lunch in bahar dar then drive to Debremarkos town. O/n F.M international hotel.

Day 16 Saterday Drive from Debremarkos to Addis Ababa crossing the famous Blue Nile gorge. O/N Jupiter Hotel.

Day 17 Sunday Drive from Addis Ababa by 4WD cars to the south rift valley lakes and omo valley today to Arbaminch via butajira, on the way visit Tiya stele one of the world heritage site, visit gurage and welayeta villages. O/n Arbaminch Paradise Lodge.

Day 18 Monday morning visit dorze village, in the afternoon boat trip on Lake Chamo to see huge Nile crocodiles, hipos and birds. O/n The Same hotel.

Day 19 Tuesday drive from Arbaminch to Jinka on the way visit konso villages and landscape another world heritage site. O/N Omo Eco Lodge.

Day 20 Wednesday excursion tour to mago national park and mursi village, the mursi tribe is one of the omo valley tribe famous for lip plate jewelry O/n the same place.

Day 21 Thursday Drive from Jinka to Turmi via key afar village visiting the weekly market day for different tribes are coming together ari, bena and Tsamay. O/n Buska Lodge.

Day 22 Friday Drive to Turkana Lake visits the dasanech tribe and karo tribe along Omo River. O/n Murulle Lodge.

Day 23 Saturday Drive from Murulle to Yabello, on the way visits the borena village. O/n Borena Eco Lodge.

Day 24 Sunday visit the singing wells of the borena tribe then drive to Aregash Eco Lodge over a beautiful sidamo mountain visit famous coffee fields, O/n Aregash Eco Lodge.

Day 25 Monday drive from Aregash Eco Lodge to Bale mountain national park famous, on the way visit Awasa lake fish market, O/n Goba wabishebele hotel.

Day 26 Tuesday full day in Bale mountain national park famous for endemic wild animals, mountain Nyala, Menelik bush back, Ethiopian wolf and a lot of bird life. O/n the same place.

Day 27 Wednesday drives from Bale mountain national park to awash national park over a beautiful rolling mountain of bale and arusi, O/n Awash Falls Eco Lodge.

Day 28 Thursday After morning safari drive to harar, in the evening sees the hyena man who is feeding the wild hyena at the outskirt of the town, O/n Belayena Hotel.

Day 29 Friday full day visit harar town, the museum, the harar wall and old houses inside, the colorful market. O/n Belayena Hotel.

Day 30 Drive from Harar to Diredawa airport for your flight to Addis Ababa on the way visit kefera market and old train station in diredawa town, on arrival meet by Daniel and Frey Tour agent and transfer to Jupiter hotel. O/n Jupiter Hotel. Night departure/ optional next day.