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Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana and rock churches of Ethiopia
Art and Music Tour
Visit Bale the biggest afro alpine vegetation in Africa
Culture and Trek
Danakil Depression
Eastern part of Ethiopia and Djibouti
North and South Itenerary
Omo national park, Surma and Buma Tribes
Tigray Rock Churches and Dalol Depression
Touching Ethiopia

Tribes of Omo valley, Mursi, Body, Hammer, karo, Dasanech Elbore and Kaonso

Visit the Simen Mountains

Eastern part of Ethiopia and Djibouti

Danakil One of the lowest parts of the world, Djibouti red sea coast, Bale Mountain the biggest afro alpine vegetation zone in Africa and Harar World heritage site

The Day Today Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival and transfer to hotel.

Day 2 City tour of Addis Ababa,

Day 3 Fly from Addis Ababa to Mekele, on arrival meets Daniel and Frey tour and drive to Geraalta Eco Lodge on the way visit Abraha Asbaha and Degum selassie Tigray rock churches. O/n Geraalta Eco Lodge.

Day 4 Abuna yamata and Mariam Korkur famous Tigray rock church. O/n the same place.

Day 5 Drive from Garaalta to Danakil through a spectacular landscape over the western escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. O/n Camping

Day 6 full day excursion through Danakil depression visits the mud hills, colorful hot springs, salt plane, salt lake, stone salt exploiting and the camel caravan. O/n the same place

Day 7 Drive from Dalol to Mount Ertaale through Danakil desert, on the way visit the afar villages, overnight Camping in the village Mohammed lale close to Ertaale on the dry lava land.

Day 8 Drive more close to the mount Ertaale stop the car wait until sun is down and start walk to the peak it is 2-3 hours overnight at the top enjoy the splendid eruption. O/n Camping.

Day 9 Walk down meet the car and drive to Semera town on the way visit the afar villages. O/n Ertaale Hotel in Semera.

Day 10 Excursion to the end of Awash River Afambo delta and Alolabad hot spring where you can see the afar with their big herds of cows and camels. O/n The Same place.

Day 11 Drive from Semera to Djibouti dekel town. O/n local hotel.

Day 12 A.M lake Abe then drives to Djibouti on the way lake Asal. O/n Djibouti town Sheraton/ Menelik Hotel.

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Day 13 Boat trip to Tajura old town and an island. O/n the same hotel

Day 14 Drive from Djibouti to Ethiopia harar. O/n Belayena hotel

Day 15 full day dedicate to harar world heritage site visits the museum, the harar wall and old houses inside, the colorful market, In the evening sees the hyena man who is feeding the wild hyena at the outskirt of the town. O/n the same hotel.

Day 16 Drive from harar to awash national park, late afternoon safari drive through the park. O/n Awash waterfall.

Day 17 Drive from Awash national park to Goba Bale mountain national park. O/n Goba Wabishebele Hotel

Day 18 Sheik Huseen

Day 19 Excursion to Sheik Hussen and sofomar cave. O/n wabishebele hotel

Day 20 full day excursion through the bale mountain national park, seneti plateau and harena forest to see Ethiopian wolf. O/n the same place.

Day 21 Drive from Goba to Sidamo Mountain, on the way the northern part of the bale mountain national park to see mountain Nyala (mountain gazelle) and menelik bush back both endemic to the country. O/n Aregash Eco Lodge one of the best lodges in the country very well integrated with the local villages

Day 22 Excursion to the coffee fields visit the coffee cooperative villages enjoy seasonal fruits and the best coffee in the world. O/n The Same place.

Day 23 Drive back to Addis Ababa through the rift valley lakes, visit the Awassa lake Fish market day use room and night departure,