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Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana and rock churches of Ethiopia
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Visit Bale the biggest afro alpine vegetation in Africa
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Visit the Simen Mountains

Art and Music Tour

This tour is designed for professional artists and musicians who want to know and experience in depth the arts and music of Ethiopia.

The ancient civilization, old Christian and Muslim traditions and the untouched distinct African culture in the country make Ethiopia the home of culturally diverse people. Now days this wonderful unique tradition is close to vanish, we have to rescue it, we have to work closely with already existed and organized local band and at the same time we have to organize the local music band in the places they don’t have the local community band. Daniel and Frey Tour PLC has discovered this big potential with The African Express London and started to work on protection and development of Ethiopian Art and Music.

Detailed Itinerary

This tour is designed for professional artists and musicians who want to know and experience in depth the arts and music of Ethiopia.

The ancient civilization, old Christian and Muslim traditions and the untouched distinct African culture in the country make Ethiopia the home of culturally diverse people.

Day 1
Arrival, on arrival meet by your guide and transfer to hotel, check in, welcome drink and orientation about the tour. O/n Hotel.

Day 2
City tour of Addis Ababa, it includes Art galleries, Markato the biggest open-air market, Ethnological museum, AU and ECA hall, at night visits Cultural restaurant with Music Band. O/n Hotel

Day 3
Drive from Addis Ababa to Kombolcha crossing the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley system and traditionally built villages, on the way visit weekly Sembate market. O/n Kemese Town. This town has a unique style of music and dance from the Kemese Oromo, evening you will have a wonderful time with the Kemese local band.

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Day 4
This morning drive to Bati, one of the colorful Monday weekly market town, It is the town that the low Landers and the highlanders are meet, It is an open air market so colorful, The unique hair style , the beauty of the people is so spectacular. Evening with the Welo Amhara and Bati Oromo music Band, One of Ethiopian Music style is from Bati O/n Hotel.

Day 5
Drive from kombolcha to Lalibela through beautiful traditional villages and landscape, on the way visit 13th c monastery on the Peninsula of Lake Haique. O/n Hotel.

Day 6
Drive 47 km round trip to visit built up cave church Yemerhane Kerestos, This 13th is a “monumental tower for Ethiopian Architecture and art . P.M visit the rock churches, O/n Hotel. Night with Lasta Amhara Lalibela town Music Band.

Day 7
Drive from Lalibela to Mekele, through a spectacular landscape visiting the Tagre village. O/n At Hotel. It is a big town we will visit cultural restaurants and local night clubs specialize in local arts. O/N hotel

Day 8
Drive from Mekele to Geralta Lodge, It is a very well integrated eco Loge with the local village in Tigray mountain to have an easy access to see the Tigray rock churches, famous for wood and Stone construction from the 7-8 Century nicely decorated walls and decorated ceilings. The Lodge will organize for us a typical Tigrigha music from the local village. This region is the home of very rich old culture, You will be amazed by the unique singing and dancing style.

Day 9
Geralta Lodge, morning visit Mariam Korkur Rock Church, P.M Abuna Yemata. Night time again we will have a special local music presentation.

Drive from Geralta to Axum, on the way visit 800 B.C Sabean Temple, P.M, Sight Seeing of Axum 1st c A.D Stele of Axum compound, 5th c Tombs of Caleb and G/Meskal, 4th c Inscription of Ezana and Axum Archeological museum, dinner with, traditional Tagre Music and dance.

Day 11
Transfer from your hotel to Axum Air port for your flight from Axum to Gondar, The Camelot of Africa, since thousand years civilization and time talent was reveled in Gondar in painting, Architecture and building come in to being in the 1st half of 17th c. Most of the famous Ethiopian musician , famous film producers are came from this province.

Sight seeing includes Debere Berhan Selassie Church famous for wall and ceiling painting and the 17th c Castle of Gondar O/n Hotel.

Day 11
A.M visit the Castle king Fasiledes compound, Kuskuam Castle Gondar market and former Felash village. O/n Hotel.

Day 12
Early in the morning drive 65 km to the harbor of lake Tana, before board in to the boat visit Debre Sina Mariam Church an important church in the history of Ethiopian Art in wall paint of church, board to the boat to cross lake Tana, the home of old monasteries and churches famous for paintings and historical antiquities, visit Narga Selassie church and monastery, Azoa Mariam Church, Ura Kidane Meheret and Kebran Gabriel Church and monastery. O/n Bahar Dar Town is the capital for the Amhara people, here we will have the last Amhara music concert.

Day 13
A.M drive to a viewpoint for a panorama over the lake Tana, and Blue Nile River then transfer to Airport for your flight from Bahar Dar to Addis Ababa. On arrival meet Car and driver and drive to Nazareth Town 100 km east of Addis Ababa. O/n Hotel

Day 14
Drive from Nazareth to Harar crossing the great rift valley, famous for 16th c Wall and colorful markets and handicrafts, P.M visits the town, evening drive to the outskirt of the town to see the Hyena Man feeding wild hyenas in his hand and mouth. O/n Hotel.

Day 15.
full day in the town, We will arrange traditional music concert from Hararie and Oromo and the Somali in different time O/n Hotel
Day 16 Transfer from Harar to Dire Dawa Airport, which is 55 km for your flight back to Addis Ababa. O/n Hotel.

Tonight in Addis Ababa you will have a departure dinner party with a last music concert

Day 17
this day we will see the remaining Art Galleries in the town. Transfer to Airport for departure flight. End of the Tour.