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Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana and rock churches of Ethiopia
Art and Music Tour
Visit Bale the biggest afro alpine vegetation in Africa
Culture and Trek
Danakil Depression
Eastern part of Ethiopia and Djibouti
North and South Itenerary
Omo national park, Surma and Buma Tribes
Tigray Rock Churches and Dalol Depression
Touching Ethiopia

Tribes of Omo valley, Mursi, Body, Hammer, karo, Dasanech Elbore and Kaonso

Visit the Simen Mountains


Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana

and rock churches of Ethiopia

This Itinerary is design to offer visitors who want depth information on Ethiopian archaeology, history, rock churches and nature. This journey takes you through 800 B.C ancient Sabean Temple, Christian sights from 4th c – 18th, incline with unique culture and the most Spectacular landscape in Africa. It can be combined with colourful Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhaido Church Ceremonies like Easter, Christmas, Epiphany , St Mary’s day and Meskel.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Addis Ababa, on arrival meets by your tour guide and transfer to Hilton/Sheraton Hotel. Short brief about the Itinerary and introduction time each others.

Day 2

City Tour of Addis Ababa, It includes, ethnological museum, Markato the biggest open air market in Africa and drive and walk on the main straits and historical monuments. O/n: Hilton/ Sheraton Hotel.

Day 3

Fly from Addis Ababa to Mekele and drive to Gerealta Transfer to Airport for your flight from Addis Ababa to Mekele Town, It is the capital of Tigray Regional State. Tigray region is the Home of the sabian Temple from 800 B.C , Pre Axumite from 500-200 B.C , Axumite sights 200 B.C – 6th c A.D and Rock Churches of Tigray 6th-8th c A.D . After a nice breakfast At Axum Hotel drive to Geralta on the way visit Mikael-Amba, Weqero Tcherqos, Abreha-Wa- Atsbeha and Maryam Dagum rock Churches from the 7th c AD, lunch is picnic, O/N at Geralta Lodge It is a very well l integrated lodge with a the local village.

Day 4

A.M we visit the MARYAM KORKOR and DANIEL KORKOK . P. M at leisure

Day 5 Axum

Drive from Gerealta to Axum On the way visit 5th c A.D Monastery Debere Damo and 800 BC Sabean Temple called Yeha. O/n Axum Yeha Hotel

Day 6 Axum

Full day in Sight seeing Axum, Axum Empire was one of the great empire in the world that time from 200 BC to 6th c AD. Axum was at the beginning was sight of Pagan God Almoqa worshiped by Arabs. The Axumite civilization named after its capital city Axum. It was the product of agrarian civilization known to have domesticated cereals. Axum adopted Christianity as a state religion in 4th c Ad, at the period of its adoption Christianity the Ethiopian northern highland (Is known as Abyssinian Mountain) already occupied a separate position in the history of the African continent. Now days we visit the foot prints of the Axumite pre Christianity and after Christianity, demonstrated on the Obelisks, Tombs, Stone inscriptions, coins and manuscripts. O/n Axum Yeha Hotel

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Axum It is one of the 7th world heritage sights in Ethiopia

Day 7 Lalibela

A.M transfer to airport for your flight from Axum to Lalibela, became official capital next from Axum is called Jerusalem by Ethiopians from 8th c AD –12th c AD. The Churches sights are designed to have Ethiopian Jerusalem, to stop Ethiopian travelers gone to worship in Jerusalem in Israel across the desert and the Muslim land of Sudan and Egypt. When you visit lalibela there are names adopt from Bible and from the history of Israel, Bethlehem, Jordan River, Mount Sinai, Tombs of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Tombs of Adam and Eve. We have 11 rock churches all are made from rock. At the end of you visit you can say this place ahs to be register us 8th wonder of the World. It is one of the7th world heritage sight in Ethiopia. Toady we visit 4 churches. O/N Alef Paradise Hotel

Day 8 Lalibela

A.M excursion to visit the Yemerhana Krestos (The Mercy of Christ) Church It is a Built up cave church its architecture style is the best and different from other rock churches in the town. P.M the remaining churches and we will have an Ethiopian coffee Ceremony in a local house. O/n: Alef Paradise Hotel.

Day 9 Gondar

A.M: Transfer to airport for your flight from Axum to Gondar. Gondar was the third capita for Ethiopia after a movable capital from the 13th c to the 17th c. Gondar was founded as a capital in 1632. Gondar again one of the world heritage sight in Ethiopia famous for The ruin castles and church paintings. Wonderful architecture and art the mixture of Ethiopian since from Axum repeated through generation, Europeans, Arabs and Indians. Visit the Castle OF Gondar and Debere Berhan Selassie Church. O/n Goha Hotel Gondar

Day 10 Semein Mountain

Drive to Semein Mountain National Park or nature trek and see special animals, The Chilada Baboon, Walia Ibex. It is one of the world heritage sights among the 7th world heritage sights. The Landscape is spectacular, the walking is breathtaking, and we walk for 2-3 hours. O/: Semein Mountain Eco Lodge. It is one of the decent places to stay.

Day 11 Gondar

A.M we go deep in to the park to see the animals and short walk back to the Lodge for lunch. P.M., Drive to Gondar, O/n Goha Hotel Gondar.

Day 12 Bahr Dar

A.M transfer to Gorgora Town on the northern Shore of Lake Tana, visit Debere Sina Church famous for wall paintings from the 16th- 17th c then boarding to the boat to cross lake Tana, The second largest lake in Africa next from Lake Victoria 3600sq km. The home of old Monasteries and Churches, on the way we visit Narga Selassie Monastery and Azoa Mariam Church. It is nice to see birds; we may see Hippos close to Bahr Dar at the let out of the Blue Nile River. O/n Kuriftu Tana Resort Hotel

Day 13 Addis Ababa

A.M Excursion to Blue Nile Waterfall, lunch at hotel, Day use room at the resort hotel and transfer to airport for evening flight from Bahar Dar to Gondar; Connected to your international flight at Addis Ababa Bole International Air Port, End of the Tour.