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Abyssinian mountains, lake Tana and rock churches of Ethiopia
Art and Music Tour
Visit Bale the biggest afro alpine vegetation in Africa
Culture and Trek
Danakil Depression
Eastern part of Ethiopia and Djibouti
North and South Itenerary
Omo national park, Surma and Buma Tribes
Tigray Rock Churches and Dalol Depression
Touching Ethiopia

Tribes of Omo valley, Mursi, Body, Hammer, karo, Dasanech Elbore and Kaonso

Visit the Simen Mountains


About our tours

With over 10 years experience Daniel and Frey Tours enjoys leading intrepid travellers all over Ethiopia as well as tours in neighbouring countries north Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti In addition to the "classic" tours, We are qualified to lead archaeological, anthropological and historical groups as well as bird watching, desert expedition, mountain climbing, mountain biking and trekking tours. We also have a German speaking guide.

Daniel Tesgaye tour leader
"Daniel Tesgaye had us spellbound. His vast knowledge and amenable nature was a highlight of the tour for us" - Denise Thomas

Our guide’s dose not ruffle easily and always has a smile, kind, patient and energetic. They are extremely knowledgeable about their country and the region.

We invite you to browse through our website, request a catalogue or give us a call. If you are a tour operator outside Ethiopia looking for a partner or a sole agent to your tour agent in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries you are highly welcome do not hesitate to contact us Your clients will enjoy our experience, passion and care.

We hope you can join Daniel and Frey Tours on one of

adventures or decide to work with us.

We believe accommodations and meals are very important while on a tour, but we strongly believe all the services are booked and organized from the office meet the needs of guests. Overall we believe the success and failure of any tour is dependent upon a professional and reliable tour guides. That is why we have one of the best guides in the industry that always work very hard to the ultimate satisfaction of our guests. Our guides and support staffs are gifted, knowledgeable and never short smile. Our guides speak English, Italy, French, Spanish and Russian languages fluently.

We have an extensive experience and friendly relationship with the local official, people, elders and priests. We offer special tours by arranging the chief priest in the church, visiting farmers in their huts, knowing good places for pictures and sunsets.

When you visit tribal part with us, we are not taking you to a familiar and touristic villages, we take you off roads, and organize a special encounter with the local people, we will arrange time for conversation in a village or in a family. Because of our long existence in the Semein Mountains, we are working on creating a model village, we do once or two times in a year a medical tour to the remote villages to the Semein Mountains which is not a part of the commercial ones. We have a project to extend these tours to Omo valley and Danakil depression. Our Camping places are most of the time along a river, around a lovely environment and panoramic viewpoints.

Our Activities are taking tours to historical places , Organizing for churches and a group of Christians spiritual tour, Cultural tours to Omo valley and mountains , Eco tours, Trekking in Semein mountain, Trekking in Bale Mountain, Desert expedition tour to Danakil Depression, To salt lakes and Volcano tour.

We offer you the best in what our homeland, Djibouti and North Kenya has to offer from the historical sights 800 BC to the contemporary situation of Ethiopia. From the mountain peak 4533 meter above sea level up to below sea level 120 meter Danakil Depression.

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