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History of Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a very long history from the beginning of mankind. Extraordinary pre-historic finds have been unearthed in the region including the 3-5 million years old hominid fossil ‘LUCY’ and the 4.4 million years old Homo Ramidus Afarensis.

The pre Axumite civilization dating back 500 BC , and the strongest pre-Christion cultural influence were the semitic influence from the ancient kingdoms of south Arabia up on the northern high lands of Ethiopia.

The powerful kingdom of Axum approximately 100- 1000 AD was one of the four great empires along with Greece Egypt and Babylon. Axum, which was the capital of the Axumite Empire Lalibella(Roha), which was the center of the Zagwe Dynasty the successor of the Axumite kingdom Gondar Which was the capital of Gondarian kingdom during the 17th century Bahir Dar Lake Tana with its islands that the monasteries dated back to the 7th century.

Harar the walled Islamic city founded in the 7th century and Addis Ababa the pleasant city founded by Menelik II are the sources of our historical Legacy.

Coinage of king Endubis of Axumite Ethiopia


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