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Your contacts within Daniel and Frey Tours are the following:
Daniel Tesgaye - Tour operations manager
Daniel Tesfaye - Business Partner and senior tour leader
Frey Girmay - General Manager
Tel: +251 118 959229
Mobile: +251 912029726 / 2519106015
Fax : +251 2708144
E-mail: praiseadventure@ethionet.et
E-mail: info@danielandfreytour.com
E-mail: daniel.tom@danielandfreytours.com
General Manager: Freweiny (Frey) Girmay
Mobile: +251 930012508
Email: freweiny.gm@danielandfreytours.com
Co-owner and Tour Operations Manager : Daniel Tesfaye
Mobile: +251 912106015
Company Details of Daniel and Frey Tour PLC (Private Limited Company)
Address: Addis Ababa
Sub City: Chrkos Woreda: 11
  Elsa building 3ed floor Office No: 301
  Africa Avenue 1385  
Postal Address:
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, P.Box: 1385
Commercial registration certification & Business licence
Issued under Commercial Registration and Business license proc. No. 686/2010
Principal Registration No: MT/AA/2/0001857/2004
Business license No: 14/706/24634/2004

If you are a tour operator outside Ethiopia looking for a partner or a sole agent for your tours in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries you are highly welcome to contact us Your clients will enjoy our experience, passion  and care .

We hope you can join Daniel and Frey Tours on one of your adventure tours.

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